Frieren: Beyond the Journey's End

Frieren: Beyond the Journey's End

My boyfriend has been obsessed with Frieren since it started airing. I've just started watching, and I get the hype.

It's a beautiful story about a nigh immortal elf trying to understand her own humanity.

It turns fantasy trope on their head. The Big Bad Demon King is already dead by the first episode. The Journey is over. The world is at peace, right?

It's non-linear story telling, which can be a challenge to do without confusing your audience. They balance now, 80 years before, and a thousand years before seamlessly with smooth transitions that really takes you into the head of Frieren. She has lived so long, and the past is still so alive in her.

The worldbuilding is fantastic, a little exposition heavy at times, but sometimes that's the best way. As the viewer realizes something just the second before it's explained.

The tone shifts from slice of (adventuring) life to serious battle to bittersweet nostalgia with a deft hand. They spend time on the characters, and leave enough little moments that don't serve the plot but builds the characters and their relationships.

They leave room for the world to breath.

Oh, I did I mention it's beautiful?

I'm only on episode 9 or 10, but I'm hooked. It's been too long since I just let myself enjoy a show.

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